How to register as a student

We are pleased to announce that, following a consultation with members, we have made changes to the IFoA’s Admission Criteria (Regulation 17) and application process, which will enhance the member experience and hugely reduce processing times.

You need to become a student member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) before you can enter for exams or apply for exemptions.

The improvements highlighted below are all in effect from 12 March 2020.

Online admissions

We are delighted to inform you that we are introducing a new online admissions process, which will mean our new joiners can complete applications for Student membership of the IFoA online:

The application process has been streamlined, requiring fewer education details (due to changes in our admissions criteria outlined below). Removal of educational entry criteria We are also removing the educational entry criteria for Student membership of the IFoA. In order to ensure our profession is accessible to students with a wide range of educational and socio-economic backgrounds.

Applicants will no longer be required to: * provide comprehensive school, university and post-graduate qualification details * pass either the CM1 or CS1 non-member examinations.

Recommended routes into Student membership

For applicants without a Maths-based degree we still recommend taking the IFoA’s CS1 or CM1 exams(,which can be sat as a non-member. This will ensure applicants understand the rigorous and demanding nature of the IFoA examinations before applying to join the IFoA as a student.

Students will still need complete practical work experience to qualify as an IFoA Associate or Fellow. CS1 and CM1 exam registration The online process will also be available to non-members registering for the CM1 or CS1 exams.

Transfer of Prior Learning

For applicants eligible for our Transfer of Prior Learning process(, please note that applicants must apply for any exemptions they already hold with other Actuarial Associations via our Transfer of Prior Learning process before they apply for Student membership of the IFoA.

If you have any questions about the changes to our admissions criteria or our new online application process, please contact