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  • 星期四, 8月, 16, 2018

    Our next round of member events in Asia will take place in September when our President-elect, John Taylor, and Chief Executive, Derek Cribb visit the region. We will be celebrating the achievements of our New Qualifiers and Volunteers, as well as hosting the seminar“The world is changing – are we ready?” in Singapore (11 September), Beijing (13 September) and  Shanghai (14 September).  John and Derek will also attend the 2018 Asian Actuarial Conference (AAC) in Hong Kong. We will hold a Member Reception Cocktail at Hong Kong (18 September) at which John and Derek will co-present the IFoA Strategy. We’d love to see you at these upcoming events.

    More details of the upcoming events and visit have been released on the Events Calendar, the China Microsite, the IFoA WeChat Account (ID: IFoAOfficial) and Weibo.

  • 3 August 2018

    On 20 July, the IFoA released the New Qualifier pass-list of the class July 2018. We are glad to have 14 new Associates and 4 new Fellows in China. Many congratulations to those who passed their exams, in particular newly qualified Fellows and Associates. The names of our new qualifiers will be published in The Times on 3 August, following the publication of the exam results. The list will include all who have completed their exams for Fellowship in the first half of this year, and also those who have now fulfilled all the requirements for the Associateship and CERA qualifications. Please visit the “IFoAOfficial” for more details.

  • 1 June 2018

    From 14-18 May 2018, Colin Wilson, the IFoA Immediate Past President and Derek Cribb, the IFoA CEO, visited Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing after attending the 2018 IFoA Asia Conference in Bangkok. During the five-day trip, Colin and Derek met local IFoA members, partnership universities and industry representatives via several meetings and events. The trip forms part of the IFoA’s regular programme of visits to China and Southeast Asia, which gives the IFoA's president and executives an opportunity to engage with local members and stakeholders. You can visit our WeChat (ID: IFoAOfficial) for more details of the trip.

  • 21 March 2018

    The next President-elect at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) has been confirmed as John Taylor. John will take up his new position in June 2018, with Jules Constantinou becoming the new President, taking over from Marjorie Ngwenya. John will then take on the role of President in June 2019. John Taylor, said,“I’m honoured to have been elected to this role at the IFoA. It’s an exciting time to be representing this organisation and I’m looking forward to playing my part in promoting the fantastic and valuable work that we do.”

    For more details, please visit the IFoA website and the IFoA Wechat (ID:IFoAOfficial).

  • 14 February 2018

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members, friends of the IFoA and their families a very happy Chinese New Year of the Dog. The dog symbolises many qualities that we hold dear to our profession, such as loyalty, honesty, and prudence. I hope that we can continue to work together to drive our profession forward this year, in line with these values. I do hope to see you at our Asia Conference 2018, being held on 10-11 May in Bangkok.

    Wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

    Derek Cribb, Chief Executive and Colin Wilson, Immediate Past President, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

  • 3 January 2018

    A combined member event on Wednesday 3 January 2018 was successfully held in Beijing. “The IFoA Technical Member Interest Group (MIG) Event and Kick-off Ceremony” attracted 40 members from Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to join the video conference. We are glad to have Mr Sherwin Li (General Manager and Head of Actuarial Dept, China Re P&C, China Re Group), Ms Grace Guan (Head of Actuarial Department at Sunshine Insurance Group) and Mr Angelo Wang (Director of Ernst &Young Advisory (China), Chair and Initiator of IFoA China Technical MIG) to give lectures on different practice areas.  On the same day, the “End-of-year Member Event and Thank-you Party for Volunteers” for Beijing members" was also held to celebrate the New Year. For more information of the event and slides of the speakers, please visit our WeChat tweets.

  • 27 December 2017

    On 21 December, the IFoA relseased the New Qualifier pass-list. The September 2017 exam results were released on 21 December. Many congratulations to those who passed their exams, in particular newly qualified Fellows and Associates. We are glad to have 4 new Associates and 2 new Fellows in China. The Associates are Li, Yajing(Beijing),Pan, Zhiheng (Beijing), Wang,Zhongwen (Shanghai),Zou,Shaolong (Beijing). The Fellows are Er, Wee Jian (Beijing) and Yang, Yi(Hong Kong). In total we have 6 new Associates and 9 new Fellows in China in 2017. We will hold Qualifiers Presentation and Celebration Event when the IFoA President visits China in spring 2018.

  • 22 December 2017

    More than 60 members attended the successful launch of the IFoA actuarial risk principles framework in June. The framework of 12 principles emphasises key areas to be aware of when putting a risk in context and then describing, measuring and managing it. Although some of these highlight distinctive contributions actuaries can make to risk management – for example in relation to building and interpreting models – many are areas in which other risk professionals also operate. Feedback from the launch suggests that the framework as a whole can be valuable for actuaries and non-actuaries alike. We are now looking to develop the actuarial risk framework over the coming months in two ways: by promoting our existing outputs, for example, in non-actuarial risk publications and by generating material such as new case studies to illustrate the relevance of the framework. This work is being driven by a small group of members, including the Wider Fields Working Party.

  • 5 December 2017

    The IFoA has developed a proposal that will have the explicit aim of improving the long-term employability of those who qualify as actuaries through the IFoA. Council now wishes to seek your views on, and test your appetite for, the changes suggested. The central feature of the proposal is a newly titled qualification - the ‘Chartered Actuary’ (CAct). Council wishes to hear your views on this proposal, so we are initiating a consultation which will run until 28 February 2018.  Please visit IFoA Official website for more information.